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A double golden strand illuminates the wrist. The faceted reflections of a bracelet attracts the smooth and shiny surface of the other...

18K Gold double bracelet

A Dazzling Rendezvous

The two bracelet ends gaze at each other, as they wrap around the wrist and delicately caress the skin. A long-expected rendezvous is coming soon…

18kt Gold bracelet

A Golden Loop

Two golden strands wrap around the fine necklace. Essential geometric shapes that spread reflections of pure light.

18kt Gold necklace with 0.015ct Diamond

Catching the Light

A luminous circle nestled in a row of golden monili. The silhouette of the bracelet catches the light, revealing it in all its splendor.

18kt Gold bracelet with 0.015ct Diamond

Pure & Essential

Pure and essential lines outline the silhouette of the necklace, gently caressing the skin, in a perfect blend of pure femininity and sophistication.

18kt Gold necklace with 0,015ct Diamond

Diving into Light

A suspended dive. The earrings seem to be stopped in the air: an ethereal balance of delicate shapes and precious material.

18kt Gold earrings

Endless Shimmer

A golden line delicately wrapped around the wrist. This thin bracelet draws a spark of everlasting light on the skin.

18kt Gold bracelet with 0,015ct Diamond

Embracing Lines

Golden lines of monili and little diamond circles delicately embrace the wrist. A precious, endless coil casting intense reflections of light.

18kt Gold bracelet with 0.015ct Diamond


Delicate and at the same time durable: the precious metal displays all of its qualities. Plays of sparkle follow each other along the surface of the bracelet...

18kt Gold bracelet with 0.015ct Diamond

…and Stunning

... to arrive to the necklace. A thin luminous line catches the eye, set in the middle of a strand of golden monili.

18kt Gold necklace with 0.015ct Diamond

Dancing Fringe

The strands of monili create special reflections and accompany every movement with a delicate dance.

18kt Gold earrings

Golden Blaze

Like blazes of golden light, these earrings draw two straight lines that enlighten the face with a soft, delicate glow.

18kt Gold earrings

Shimmering Around

By itself, or accompanied, the bracelet reveals all of its essentiality and sophistication. Two precious qualities, embodied in a thin design that caresses the wrist.

18kt Gold bracelet

Glowing Cascade

A glowing cascade of light frames the face of the wearer. The earrings sway sinuously with every step, as little drops of golden light.

18kt Gold earrings

Perfect Shape

The circle is the perfect shape, an endless set of points within a circular line. A ring is a reflection of pure elegance, enclosed in a space glowing with golden light.

18kt Gold ring

Sparkling Thread

The essential design of the necklace recalls a light, thin thread in shape. It appears to be passing through the eye of a diamond needle, ready for weaving.

18kt Gold necklace with 0.015ct Diamond

Bright Line

A diamond bit engraves the precious metal to create a shiny line, which accompanies every movement with delicate reflections.

18kt Gold ring

Glistening Rays

The sleek rows of the necklace cast a golden aura, as glistening rays of light that illuminate the face and warm the heart of the wearer.

18kt Gold necklace with 0.015ct Diamond

Enlightened Touch

A band of light surrounds the fingers. The ring’s mirror-polished surface spreads a golden sheen that emphasizes every gesture with a delicate touch.

18kt Gold ring

Geometry of Light

A sparkling circle and a line. The harmonious geometry of this necklace expresses the distinctive style of Brunello Cucinelli: refined and timeless.

18kt Gold necklace with 0.015ct Diamond

Mirror Reflection

As in a game of mirrors, two golden lines frame the face. The precious artisanal craftsmanship of the mirror polishing gives the earrings a shining effect.

18kt Gold earrings

Twins in Light

A sparkling, faceted disc captures the light. Perfect to be paired with the bracelet, the necklace is a precious accessory with essential lines.

18kt Gold necklace with 0.015ct Diamond


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