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The Dreambox

Somewhere between the heart and the mind, something inexplicable suddenly happens inside us. It is as if our heart beats faster, leaving us breathless, as a shiver runs down our spine, tickling us and making us smile or a strange inner warmth spreads all over our body. Memories come to mind, new unexpected ideas or a desire to unleash our creativity and start experimenting with colors and shapes.

There are many different ways to say it, but there’s only one term that really captures all its nuances: IMAGINATION. It turns dreams into magic and makes the world go round.

When we put our head down and create something, this small idea grows bigger day by day and, before we may notice it, it becomes part of us. MAGIC is incredible, sudden and unexpected, it catches us off guard, and we don’t even know it’s happening. It simply happens.

When we dream, we can play with FANTASY and go beyond the visible into a world that is halfway between imagination and reality, a different universe where we can discover, create, change ourselves, test our limits and grow, one step at a time.

DREAMS are an adventure into the unknown, a journey to discover wonderful places: we can break the boundaries and create new shapes and colors to design our own world. The fantasy of dreams guides us to the STARS, brightening up our lives with Magic.

Kids - Autumn-Winter 2019 Collection

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