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SS20 Lifestyle Collection

Our home holds reminders of points in time, from the feelings and moments of today, to the memories of yesterday and the plans for tomorrow. The emotions and values that represent who we are express themselves in the spaces and elements that make up our home; a sacred and safe place where shapes, materials and colors meet the light that warms us and sets the rhythm for the day. The new Lifestyle collection tells a story through authentically uneven textures and delicate hues, mixing natural materials with handcrafted techniques, to embody the sense of a spontaneous and serene lifestyle made up of small, genuine, details.


Home & Studio

Soft pillows await us in moments of relaxation and rest. Textures recall the themes and inspirations of the collection, where crisp and slubbed fabrics are accompanied by extremely soft yarns flaunting mesh stitches and openwork, recreating the effect of traditional materials woven together by artisans.

The Tradition ceramics line stems from the encounter between handcrafted techniques and modern design. The perfect irregularity of nature inspires the texture and lines of the new creations: every piece is unique, with features that highlight the level of manual skill, and express the ancient traditions of Umbrian pottery making.


Leisure & Travel

Soft cotton towels, light linen cloths, versatile and roomy bags. The precious touch of natural materials gives balance to personal rituals and gestures. A line designed for those breaks in the day dedicated to the well-being of mind and body.


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