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Neverending Stories

Human relationships are at the heart of Neverending Stories creations. Over the years, the creative visions and the lives that have interpreted the spirit of the collections have repeatedly intertwined, enriching a timeless tale with their unique experiences.

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Like a reassuring feeling of familiarity, our friends' faces have accompanied the knitwear created in Solomeo throughout its history. The same models who have represented our collections since the 1990s continue to evoke new impressions and sensations today.

Through the creation of artistic images, we have opened up an imaginary world that celebrates the muses at the heart of our identity. Fresh eyes traverse the knowledge of tradition, reviving the conversations with the soul that have been passed down by the classics. The contemporary vision of Alistair Taylor-Young, photographer and long-time friend of ours, has captured the value of a precious legacy, one that is capable of endless renewal.

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Neverending Stories