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Out of all the colors, there’s one that fully expresses the charm and beauty of nature. Inspired by the name of one of the world’s most admired flowers, the Rose, this color evokes its unique and apparently contrasting features: delicacy and liveliness, energy and grace.

Just like the flowers, whose delicately toned buds open in an explosion of vividly tinted petals, this tone of pink also tinges the garments from the new collection with delightful strokes of color.


Transparent silks exude softened and ethereal hues, such as powder pink, while intense and refined touches of rose reinterpret, with a bold twist, the sartorial style of the pinstripe suit. For leathers, nuances move from the velvety and matte effect of suede to the saturated and vibrant texture of shiny leather.

For knitwear, cashmere shows off the soft and homogeneous side of the color, while cotton, linen and silk yarns are twisted together to recreate classic high-relief ribbed and mesh patterns, where shades of rose stand out with vitality.


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