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Shaping Connection
Spring-Summer 2020 Collection - Shaping Connection

Dust, sand, rock. At the beginning, it was just celestial matter. Today, it is the essence of nature in molecular form, with the ability to take on countless shapes right in front of our eyes. Untying ourselves from labyrinths walked in blindness, and from the drawn out rhythm of habit, we blow away the dust that conceals our view.

Safeguarded in distant and remote places, the shining stars align themselves into a map that helps us find our way in this constellation of emotions, to reconnect with our inner selves. Unwinding the threads to be reconstructed and rewoven into a new pattern.

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In this image of celestial symmetry, we arrange forms with intimate and ancestral meaning, marking out the boundaries of new places to explore. Only now can we once again start to feel the sense of awe for the beauty that pervades all things, to express the instinctive and innate desire to share with the outside world, the geometry that shapes this encounter.

The essence of sharing creates bonds that, in turn, establish new connections. A prospective of rediscovered harmony with ourselves, and with nature, fills our hearts and our souls.

Brunello Cucinelli Online Boutique

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