Backstage Tempo Nuovo | Brunello Cucinelli
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Tempo Nuovo - Backstage

The song for “New Time” was written and performed by pianist and composer Rami Khalifé together with drummer Aymeric Westrich. Specifically created for this project and recorded at the Abbey Road Institute in Paris, the melody reflects the spirit of the places depicted in the video and the emotions conveyed by its evocative images.

Rami Khalifé defines music as a universal language, a shared heritage that breaks down all barriers to bring diverse people and cultures together. A personal view that is also based on his background and life experiences: born in Lebanon to a family of musicians, he moved to France at an early age because of the civil war raging in his native land. His music – just like his roots – feeds on a multitude of different influences: classical echoes and electronic beats blend together with eastern accents, rock ‘n’ roll sounds and contemporary experimentations in a bold yet well-balanced way, giving life to authentic and powerful melodies.

An integral part of the entire project, Rami Khalifé also starred in the video. The artist plays his song – composed for “New Time” – on the piano, surrounded by a place of rare and compelling beauty: the plain of Castelluccio di Norcia. Every year, from May to late July, the Plateau fields are tinged with yellow, red, purple and blue. The flowers’ dazzling colors mix together in the cultivated land like in an impressionist painting, creating a breathtaking and truly unique spectacle of nature.

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