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Lifestyle Spring Summer 2021 Collection

Home & Studio


A photo diary recounts the authentic sensations of a day inspired by the colors of nature, good food and appealing design. Our Food Stories’ vision conveys the warmth and harmony of joyous daily moments, fully capturing their uniqueness.

Lifestyle Spring Summer 2021 Collection
Lifestyle Spring Summer 2021 Collection


Contrasting colors and fringed inserts add a sophisticated touch to the soft and lightweight shapes of throws and blankets, to enrich your home décor with a dash of style. Pillows take on the soothing colors and patterns of nature, while sparkling details lend a precious note to indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

The Studio line creations stem from a combination of skillful manufacturing and precision techniques recalling those used in jewelry making. National walnut wood details and delicate marble-effect steel and Krion inserts give life to decorative elements designed as to make you relive your childhood emotions or simply decorate your home with style.