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The air feels crisp and the wind blows, announcing the approach of the new season. In fall, colors are tinged with the hues of the Earth, scents are overwhelming, and the light becomes more intense.

We stand in awe as we contemplate the metamorphosis of Nature, which once again sheds its skin, preparing for its much-needed winter rest, before coming back to life. The Earth lowers its heart rate and we also feel the need to slow down. Body and mind are in harmony with the slow, unhurried pace of the days passing by.

The skin comes into contact with natural fibers, in a warm embrace, awakening our senses. Sheer, flimsy fibers, natural leather and clingy fabrics become the main characters of our lives, caressing and cuddling us at home while protecting us outdoors. The idea of change tastes sweeter, and we feel once again that pleasant sense of expectation, waiting for something new to come along.


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