Vicuña: selection of fine garments ǀ Brunello Cucinelli
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A precious touch

Since ancient times, vicuña has been one of the world’s most prized fibers. Considered sacred by the Incas, the vicuña today lives in the wild, across vast protected areas of the high plains of the Andes. The extremely harsh climate has led the animal's coat to develop one of the most exclusive, softest and finest natural fibers in exisistence, with a fineness of only 13.5 microns.


Like a true wonder of nature, every two years each adult vicuña provides around 250g of fiber, a very small amount of precious wool that stands out with its extreme fineness, lightness, warmth and superior softness. Its natural color in light hues of beige conveys a sober and refined allure that recalls warm and reassuring neutral earth tones.

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The collection in pure vicuña is only available on a made-to-order basis. It aims to transmit the legacy of the “fiber of the gods” by enhancing its inimitable qualties, granting contemporary allure and ensuring compatibility with everyday needs. This ideology gives life to two special outerwear pieces for Women and two for Men, as well as an exclusive Lifestyle throw for the home. Make an appointment at one of the select Brunello Cucinelli Boutiques and discover all the precious vicuña creations.

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