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Lifestyle Spring Summer 2021 Collection



A photo diary recounts the authentic sensations of a day inspired by the colors of nature, good food and appealing design. Our Food Stories’ vision conveys the warmth and harmony of joyous daily moments, fully capturing their uniqueness.

Lifestyle Spring Summer 2021 Collection
Lifestyle Spring Summer 2021 Collection


Skillful handcrafted techniques blend together with a contemporary aesthetic to give life to dining table and kitchen accessories and ceramic creations. The intentionally rustic details and uneven colors add an authentic touch to the accessories whereas, to the dining table, these elements contribute to create that unmistakably warm, cozy feel that speaks of home.

Table linens, made from pure linen fabric, are brightened up by delicate striped patterns tinged with the season’s colors, to decorate the kitchen with a fresh and light note. Precious sparkling details stand out on the fringes adorning certain placemats, turning into a spot glowing with light, while cutlery accessories, conceived as a refined gift idea, will accompany your special moments.