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In the springtime, we perceive moments of change, when the brisk winter temperature gives way to the warm air of the new season. In these months of reawakening, temperature variability calls for a versatile ally that is always ready to “watch our backs”: outerwear.

The sophisticated style of the collection, in perfect balance between sartorial fashion, light fabrics and a comfortable fit, pervades the outerwear, which becomes the focal point of any outfit, complementing your everyday look, while providing just the right protection, in any condition.


A spring day starts crisp, with the cool morning air, but then gets warmer in the early afternoon sun. Ultra-lightweight sleeveless quilted vests and iconic soft suede aviator jackets leave room for sportswear-inspired and four pocket denim jackets, as well as classic-cut parkas. Completely unlined taffeta outerwear pieces are ready for any occasion, must-have city or travel essentials to carry around with you at all times.


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