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Opera - FW21

Art takes form, like a chrysalis turning into a butterfly and unfolding its wings for the first time. In the FW21 OPERA collection, human creativity and the wonders of nature express the idea of moving through time, of transmitting vital energy and of being reborn every day.

Behind every stitch lies the encounter between the custodianship of tradition, love for beauty and openness to innovation. Creativity and craftsmanship coexist thanks to a great passion that tells an ever-evolving story.

Nature is the inspirational lifeblood that lies at the origin of every creation and of its evolution into a form that will never be the same as yesterday’s or tomorrow’s.

In this eternal cycle, we stand in awe of the enchantment of metamorphosis, a gradual process of evolution that slowly reveals the unique spirit and exquisite art of each and every OPERA creation.


In the career of a ballerina things move at a fast pace, but what I love the most is the benevolence that you can pass on to the younger generations, so that they too can elevate themselves.


Opera FW21

Étoile Alice Renavand and prima ballerina Hannah O'Neill, starring in the video, express their idea of metamorphosis through the refined metaphor of ballet.