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Buone Cose - Brunello Cucinelli
Buone Cose - Brunello Cucinelli
Buone Cose - Brunello Cucinelli
Buone Cose - Brunello Cucinelli
Buone Cose - Brunello Cucinelli

In Italian, “Buone Cose”, meaning “Good Things”, has a thousand NUANCES. It can mean “All the best” in the sense of wishing someone well, in wishing them luck with their goals, plans and aspirations. It can also refer quite simply to authentic and special moments shared with loved ones.

Two words, many meanings

“Buone Cose” also refers to the simple and genuine ingredients of a delicious recipe, to a loving gesture or even a great idea. Essentially, all GOOD things.

Good things…

People say that the simplest recipes are also the hardest to MAKE, since although they have just a few but essential ingredients, they must be dosed and mixed together carefully to be able to transform them into something bigger and better.

Buone Cose - Inspiration

…done well

When raw materials of the highest quality are used, they have to be treated SKILLFULLY, with respect, great care and devotion. Just like a recipe that you lovingly prepare for your dear ones.

The art of simplicity

Craftsmanship – like cooking and baking – is an ART FORM that requires time, skill and great passion to ENHANCE the elements that nature has given us.

The most impressive recipes are the ones that tenderly blend all the ingredients together to create a BRAND NEW and wonderful balance of flavors. Because good things delight, warm the heart and, most importantly, take care of the SPIRIT.


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