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Be Courageous
Be Courageous - Kids SS20

Deriving from the latin term “cor”, meaning heart, the word courage reflects a strength of mind that can manifest in many different ways. To be courageous means to break down barriers and know that we are all different and special, that together we are stronger. Because courage helps us see with the heart. It unleashes our imagination and, above all, it gives us the strength to fulfill our dreams. To seek happiness. Courage helps us grow and discover the world, to understand other people, as well as ourselves. To have courage means to take risks, make important decisions, and defend our ideas and those of others.

Be Courageous - Kids SS20

Be Courageous - Kids SS20

Our wish is to teach these values to the young citizens of the world, the men and women of tomorrow. We want to tell them to smile and have faith in the future and to never stop looking at the world with their eyes sparkling in pure amazement. Together and with love, we wish to embrace this amazing adventure called life, day after day.

This is our message of courage.



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