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Men’s suit detail


Fall-Winter 2022

Sartoria Solomeo is a personal encounter with the art of tailoring. Artisanal tradition is recounted by the paradigms of contemporary elegance to create a new story, an experience that is cut and sewn based on the unique traits of the wearer.

Mismatched suit as worn
Mismatched suit as worn
Patterned fabric suit

The encounter with our tailors gives birth to a collaboration that is based on craftsmanship and creativity: it aims to find the ideal suit that can express taste, personality, comfort and freedom.

Patterned fabric suit
One-and-a-half-breasted suit


The new fabrics from the Fall-Winter 2022 collection enhance the contemporary lines and distinctive fit of Brunello Cucinelli suits. The varied composition of premium fibers is designed to effortlessly adjust to the different moments of the season, from lightweight blends of linen, wool and silk to warmer corduroy, beaver and flecked-effect fabrics.

Focus on evening suits
Brunello Cucinelli wearing an evening suit


A harmonious balance between a contemporary aesthetic and the canons of traditional craftsmanship defines the idea of the Brunello Cucinelli suit for men.