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Lifestyle Collection

Leather cushion

QAR 6.720,00 QAR 4.704,00

Sleek, elegantly shaped candles to scent your home with delicate natural fragrances. Shimmering monili ornaments decorate the soft surfaces of blankets and pillows, recalling the decorations characterizing the Winter collection. Home décor pieces with skillfully crafted inlays and contrasting textures complement the collection.

Accessories that reinterpret, with a dash of subtle elegance, the heritage and distinctive elements of the collection.

Home & Studio

Home is where the heart is.
— Pliny the Elder

Large humidor

QAR 10.820,00

Striped cushion

QAR 4.960,00 QAR 3.472,00

Flannel cushion

QAR 3.080,00 QAR 2.156,00

Striped cushion

QAR 2.440,00 QAR 1.708,00

Shangai set

QAR 16.660,00

Other colors

World map

QAR 9.140,00 QAR 6.398,00

Other colors

Knit cushion

QAR 1.970,00

Other colors


QAR 3.120,00

Other colors

Alpaca throw

QAR 4.020,00 QAR 2.814,00

Other colors

Alpaca madras throw

QAR 7.490,00 QAR 5.243,00

Other colors


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