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Fall-Winter 2021 Collection

Lifestyle Fall Winter 2021 Collection

Sicily’s Mediterranean atmosphere and rustic landscapes inspire the Fall-Winter 2021 Lifestyle Collection. The encounter between modern design and traditional artisan workmanship gives life to timeless creations.

Lifestyle Collection Fall Winter 2021


From the soft embrace of towels and the delicate fragrances that warm up the atmosphere to the new creations dedicated to the world of sports.

Lifestyle Fall Winter 2021 Co


Ceramic creations, handcrafted accessories and table linens decorate the kitchen, expressing the most authentic sense of conviviality.

Fall-Winter 2021 Collection - Lifestyle


The soft textures of throws, blankets and cushions, and skillfully crafted decorative objects enrich the home décor.

Fall-Winter 2021 Collection


Special accessories for your relaxation moments and leisure time, for home or travel.

Fall-Winter 2021 Collection

Earth tones, from the subtlest to the most intense, tinge the creations from the new collection, which are the fruit of a contemporary attitude, but most of all, of excellent raw materials and handcrafted techniques that follow the rules of tradition, inviting us to pass on the special objects through time.


Fall-Winter 2021 Collection